Pipeline Developer Forum

First Meeting - Minutes | Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019

I had planned for us to meet at the Waves on Howe street, which is a big space. I called ahead to ask about reserving space but was told that they did not do that for groups coming in. Nonetheless, I figured our gathering wouldn’t be too large and the shop is quite large.

Much to my surprise, when I show up and the entire coffee shop is reserved for a english language group! So I sat outside with the rain and hoped we could migrate to a better location. In total there were 8 of us and we actually fit quite nicely on the outdoor patio, despite the cold. Towards the end of the night we did move to an indoor space, but only as the group started to disperse.

So, as for the actual meeting: how did things go?

Well, our conversation touched on a lot of topics! I won’t do it justice, but let me try to summarize at least a little:

I’m sure there’s a few things that I missed from that list as well…

Towards the end of the night, I asked some questions about the future of this group, and what kind of format we’d like to see. For certain we need to find some better locations for future meetings, but what format should the meetings take. Overall the consensus seemed to be that if we picked a few key topics for each meeting it would give us an opportunity to prepare if we wanted, and then to spend a little more time really exploring the material. Ideally, we could use the outcomes of the discussion to either form conclusions or at least take note of the key findings and thoughts of the community at the time.

To me, this really sounds like a forum, which is a word I have used before in some of my early emails to the group and I think fits the concept sufficiently. So, for the next leg, we move to organize our first forum and see how it goes. I hope everyone is as excited as I am!